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Your One Stop Tech + Data + Support.

Your One Stop Tech + Data + Support. We map all the climate influencers, networks, issues, and peer groups to enhance your COP29 engagement plan. 

Introducing your event co-pilot

Executive briefing of stakeholder data, key events, important and relevant media |

Weekly Intel briefing
“can we get high grade intelligence simply?”

Weekly Intel briefing to get key points of media intelligence, critical issues, relevant stakeholders to engage |

Event navigator
“which events should we attend or be aware of?”

AI-enabled stakeholder discovery, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement software |

Stakeholder pulse
“who matters and what are they saying?”

AI powered stakeholder data points including their bio, media activity, relevant organisations and stakeholders.

Ecosystem mapper
“how do all the networks connect together?”

Emerging singals automatically picked up from media - shows what’s happening in the key debates & topics |

Climate pulse
“what’s happening in the key debates & topics?”

Drill down into individual region, benchmark and peer track to see how the competitors are responding

Peer track
“how are our competitors responding?”

Engagement hub to track all communications with stakeholders, derive insghts from historical engagemnts |

Engagement hub
“how do we make this simpler tomanage?

AI-enabled issue tracking, heatmap, issue radar, media monitoring for stakeholder engagement |

Exec dashboard
“what smart, data driven metrics can we show?”